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美国急速赛车彩票:Yinhua Fund: Institutional investors are optimistic about such assets. Are you still indifferent?

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内容摘要: As one of the thousands of investors in the market, is there often thinking about the same question: "What to buy?" \n? This is a...

As one of the thousands of investors in the market, is there often thinking about the same question: "What to buy?"


This is a magical problem. Many times, despite their brains, they have no solution. In fact, ah, not the answer is difficult to find, change the way to ask questions, the results are ready to come out.


Don't ask yourself "What to buy"


Ask the agencies what to buy?


The 2017 annual report shows that the proportion of bond open-end fund holders in the market averaged 74.23%, much higher than that of the stocks of the same period, hybrid fund .


Proportion of holders of different types of fund institutions


Is it a bit unexpected? The debt base with a small proportion of ordinary investors is a very attractive product for institutional investors. Why?


Why do professional investment institutions favor debt-based companies?


First, compared with the stock market, the overall bond market risk is more controllable.


Partial stock funds mainly invest in the stock market, while A shares are characterized by fierce fluctuations, short cattle bears and long risks. Looking at the stock index change curve from the 90s to the present, there are fanaticism peaks also have lost lows.


Contrary to the bond market? The overall risk is relatively controllable. Looking at the historical trend of the CSI full bond index, although there may be some adjustments, the overall trend is a steady rise. It is precisely for this reason that institutional investors pay attention to the balanced allocation of shares and debts, taking the debt base as the focus of allocation and reducing the risk of investment portfolio.


Shanghai Composite Index: historical volatility huge cattle short Bear long


(deadline: December 19, 1990 - June 7, 2018)

Securities Bond Index: each adjustment are up again, the overall sound


( Deadline: December 31, 2002 - June 7, 2018)

Next, look through the historical record of the Bond Fund and the long-term allocation proceeds can be expected.


Data shows that from the 12 years of 2006-2017, the average return of the bond fund in most years was positive.


the past 12 years, the annual return on bond funds list


(data deadline: December 31, 2017)





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